Corporate Shaman Workshop Series


Think Shamanism is just vision quests and trance dances? Think again.

In this 6-part workshop series your team will learn the powerfully pragmatic nature of Shamism as a means of using minimum effort for maximum results in every arena of life. Learn Shamanic techniques and tools for: Interpersonal conflict resolution, productivity, communication, time management, teamwork coordination and career clarity.

Each of the following workshops are offered individually, or as part of a series and can be combined with a group yoga class:

  • Interpersonal conflict: the Hoksheida Hey clown and the 180’ perspective

  • Negative Self Talk and the Inner Tyrants Wheel

  • Know Your Peak Daily, Monthly and Annual Productivity Times

  • The First Universal Law: Min-Max. The Mastery of Time

  • Self-Prescribed Care for the Seriously Stressed Out: a medicine wheel for R’n’R

  • A Fart, a Do-gooder and a Space Cadet Walk into a Bar...

Creativity isn't just for artists

Successful businesses need employees that are healthy, innovative and productive to stay ahead of the curve.

Yoga for Creativity takes a fresh approach to corporate yoga by not only offering employees the traditional benefits of yoga, (mitigating stress-related disease, repetitive strain injuries, chronic fatigue while increasing motivation and healthy workplace relationships) but enhancing and supporting the creative health of your employees.

Businesses that get it

Creativity is not only the realm of the fine artist, but now, more than ever, all businesses, large and small, can only be sustained and grown with an innovative, engaged, inspired and creatively vibrant team. Yoga for Creativity is a unique program that uses breath, movement, relaxation and meditation to revitalize and strengthen creativity within the individual and group dynamic of your team.


Yoga for Creativity taps into the full body of yogic knowledge, offering the reader a system of practical exercises for the artist or creative professional to use and choose from to carry them through the flow of the distinct stages of the creative process, addressing the perennial issue of the creative rut through related rituals such as meditation, movement, philosophy and self-study to directly address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks.

Yoga for Creativity is a comparative analysis and synthesis of the art of yoga and the nature of the creative process.  the tools that help you move through it physically mentally emotionally and spiritually so the expression of the idea wanted to be convey can move fluidly. Using Asana (postures), Pranayama (breath-work), Mediation (concentration techniques), Journaling, Visualization, Drawing, Dancing and Mantra (singing) you can discover your creative edge and work beyond it to design a new path to abundant artistry.


Mara has a style, presence and intention in her practice that can help anyone expand their creative practice. Mara’s classes were my first introduction to the world of yoga and helped me understand the connection between a physical and mental practice that was invaluable as I ventured into the writing of my first book
— Dev Aujla, CEO Catalog, Founder of DreamNow and co-author of 'Making Good'
Yoga for Creativity is by far the best stress and flexibility regime I’ve ever experienced. It was an incredible compliment to the physical stress of hockey and boxing, as well as the demands of being a software entrepreneur.
— Bred Stewart, CEO Adjoy