Sundays, November 4th until December 9th 

7pm - 8:30 pm

@ Sama Studio 197 Sorauren Ave.

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“In the ancient world, [the] descent in search of understanding was known as katabasis [‘go’ ‘down’]” writes John Freccero. Journeys to the underworld are mythic archetypes about the inner experience, where to the hero travels to discover heightened knowledge, to recover something lost, and find inspiration and power for themselves, and their communities. This archetypal journey appears in Japanese, Mayan, Vedic, Yoruban, Mongolian, Greek, Roman, Welsh, Egyptian and Mesopotamian mythologies, and speaks to the universal experience, (and necessity) of journeying into the shadows to face our fears and inso, develop agency and power. 

As we slowly descend in the darkest days of the year, this 6-week shamanic yoga session will draw inspiration from the concept of the katabasis to look at what may be holding us back, blocking us, or keeping us in unskillful patterns. Together, we will explore personal and collective fears - using movement, breathwork and shamanic journeying accompanied by a chosen animal ally, with the aim of gaining heightened self-knowledge so we can take action in our lives and in the world. 

Embracing the introspective nature of the season and the fall equinox, each week we will explore a katabasis myth from a different culture, and use this as a springboard for our practice: deep hatha yoga, breathwork, and guided journeying with our animal guide to gain insight, perspective, tools and strategies to overcome our fears and take action in our lives and communities, where it is most needed. 

Please join me for this candle-lit practice every Sunday from November 4th until December 9th 

We gather from 7pm - 8:30 pm

Sliding scale fee of 
$80 - $120 (for the full session)
Drop-ins welcome ($20 / class)

*Mats and props provided
*Please bring your journal 

Location: Sama Studio @ 197 Sorauren Ave.

For more information and to register, please email:

(Mara Raye Munro earned her BA in cultural / medical Anthroplogy major from McGill and has a decade of experience teaching Kriplau Yoga. For the past 5 years she has been studying and shamanism from diverse backgrounds and now blends both sets of ancient practices to deepen the individual and communal impact of her sessions)