Wild Women Warriors Yoga and Art Party

Last Saturday was incredible. I hosted a gathering prompted by my work with Wanderlust Yoga Festival - who asked me to run a pre-festival event here in Toronto to lead up to the big mamma yoga and art festival in Mont Tremblant this August.

But I wanted this event to be more than doing asanas at the lakeshore, (however lovely!) I wanted it to be a celebration and recognition of the powerful wild women warriors in my life that inspire me and teach me.

Pawmo is a Tibetan word meaning female warrior, "someone who cultivates bravery...who is training themselves to have the courage to live with life's uncertainties and is dedicated to taking care of one another." (Pema Chodron)

 I wanted to bring together the Pawmo in my life to share ideas, practices and knowledge as a community of wise, wild and powerful women.

 I think that our yoga practices and a creative practices bind us together as a community of individuals on personal quests for happiness, health and power. How do we fuse our creative practices, ancient healing techniques and modern scientific knowledge to live in fullness and vitality of mind, body and spirit, as women living in an urban center in 2014?

Well, the gathering was just amazing. And as I dive deeper into this new fusion of yoga, art and my latest practice based on the shamanic wisdom of the, Sweet Medicine Sundance Path (more on that soon!) the day was a revelation.

I fully understand now that being a yoga teacher is very close to being an artist: you open yourself and put out the call to an shared experience of the heart, and those who resonate with it show up.

Then, something amazing happened with our art experiment. We created a mandala by tracing our bodies in yoga poses. Intuitively, each of us chose the color that corresponded to the cardinal point we were facing. Blue for water in the south, red for the fire in the east, yellow for the north winds and black for the earth in the west. When we stepped back from the piece we realized that we had created our own wild women medicine wheel. The day could not have been more inspiring.

With Gratitude,

Mara Raye