A Room of Our Own: Lessons from our Urban Retreat

My sincerest thanks to the awesome group of women (interestingly mostly writers!) who filled up our little sanctuary for last Sunday's retreat. I learn so much from my students every time I show up to teach. It is truly the most challenging and rewarding profession I have tried my hand at.
Reflecting on our day the one thing that cries out to me is how much of our time, our lives, our energy, money our love, thoughts and our bodies we, as women, give to the people around us that we love. We give freely, and in return are nourished by how amazing it feels to give love. But a lot of the time our shittiest relationship is with ourselves. We have a negative connotation of the word selfish, and downplay the importance of self-care. I am not talking about pedicures (however sweet they are, mostly, the foot massage part) or spa days, or new shoes or clothes, but taking care of our inner-selves, as independent entities in this world with unique and VALUABLE needs and desires, ideas and understandings, aesthetics and ideals - taking care of ourselves as artists, and giving women permission to be utterly selfish in this way, the best of ways is more and more, clearly what I want to offer. Thank you to my students, for teaching me this.