The Great Journey : Fall Update

Dear fellow yogis, seekers, dreamers and creators,

I greet you with the fullness of an empty cup!

I am not talking in Koan - no ancient Japanese riddle here - just the guiding metaphor for my life right now that I wanted to update you on!

I took the summer off from teaching to learn how to be a student again, and was fortunate enough to spend my summer vacation camping with my sister in the pristine national parks that surround Mt.Tremblant and attending the Wanderlust yoga festival.

One teacher’s comment stuck with me, “The world doesn’t need more great teachers, it needs more great students.” What does being a great student mean? We are all guilty of wanting to get to spiritual revelation and physical mastery NOW. In this age of instant gratification being good students takes reminding that patience is a virtue; that it will likely take you years to do a handstand and the edification of your character that develops with the patience and dedication it takes to get there is far more important than the actual pose. Something I definitely needed a reminder of.

So here I am, a full-time student, after 7 years of teaching, willingly empty of what I think I know, what I cling to, what I desire and despise: and it feels good, really good. In this emptying I've found the space and freedom to ask “What else is possible? What else do I need to know?” There has been potent power in this.

The answers that spirit has sent me, have been interesting. Just when I assumed I would resume my teaching schedule this fall, I received an abundance of writing work. Much to my delight, I am now working with amazing individuals and organizations here and abroad whose work and lives are dedicated to doing good in the world.

I have also had another path of knowledge open to me in this time, and am now a student of a whole new tradition, the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path. As a new student to this lineage studying with the Institute of Contemporary Shamanic Studies, I am definitely an empty cup. For the first time in many years that spark of passion and intrigue has lit a little pit of excitement in my belly!

Wanderlusting for new adventures of the inner world!

Wanderlusting for new adventures of the inner world!

The body of knowledge that comprises the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path comes from a group of elders from north, central, south America, Australia and New Zealand called the The Twisted Hairs. Hair, in this case, symbolizes knowledge, and these elders wove the knowledge of their traditions into one strong braid. The beauty of this path is that it fortifies all the other traditions we might already work with, like yoga or Buddhism in my case, to create a strong braid of personal wisdom, power and spiritual connection.

So, this fall, and for the year to follow, I will be busy weaving: words into stories and the threads of these traditions into my life. I will try my best to blog regularly, as my offering off the mat, and will continue to work 1:1 with individuals seeking to establish a yoga practice to support their art and life, as well as hosting workshops on occasion.

I would love to hear from you, and where you are on your path.
May you walk in beauty this fall,