Rituals for Creativity: How to Smudge


I've seen sage and conch shells popping up in yoga studios lately and many of you have asked me how and why we smudge.

Smudging not only symbolically cleanses and blesses your energy, but is a ritual act that serves as a gateway, or threshold transporting you from everyday life into ceremony or sacred space. 

I smudge before every yoga or meditation session and have found it a pragmatic means of imbuing a time, space, ritual or practice with strong intent. Be it the intention to let go of thoughts and feelings that distract my flow, the intention of full presence and participation in the ceremony of yoga or art, or to open the lines of connection with spirit in an authentic, trusting and respectful manner, smudging shifts my awareness and perception by grounding me in conscious intent and the sacredness of every moment. 

For those of you looking to add layers of meaning to your yoga practice by integrating powerful rituals from around the world to cleanse your inner and outer temple, here's a short video to show you what you'll need, and how to 'smudge-in' your yoga or creative practice.

Please practice in respect and dedication to the tradition and people who have passed on this knowledge in love and beauty. xoxo

Mara Raye