Our first Toronto Island mini-retreat of the summer!


I am thrilled to announce our first mini-retreat of the summer! Summer here in Toronto is short, therefore, busy. Between music festivals, weddings, patio hangs, gardening, hiking, biking, weekends at the cottage and summer camps, it's really tough to squeeze in that yoga retreat - I know it's sitting there at the bottom of your summer fun list...

Now you can move it to the top of the list! Our 1-day retreat to Toronto Island is about maximizing summer fun by finding creative solutions to the issue of time, money and cottage country traffic (ew). The Island is an incredible urban escape in our watery backyard that has all the fixings for a fulfiling and relaxating mini-retreat.   

Our day is especially suited to those of you comitted to creative projects this summer - this retreat will not only help you build creative energy, learn tools to dislodge creative blocks, but also provide you time to work on your project directly. 

Here's the run-down, hope to have you aboard!

Mara Raye xox



Sunday June 28th, 9am-5pm


A Yoga for Creativity mini-retreat to Toronto's favorite summertime urban escape: the island man!


To learn and share tools and techniques (ancient and new, spiritual and scientific) for balancing, building and freeing your energy so you can create with more power potency, persistence and pleasure. 


We will travel by chartered water-taxi to Toronto Island, so prepare to use your sea-legs! Once there we will drink in the sun, sounds and inspiration of the island and our day will include:

* Two Creativity Yoga Flow class

* Meditation and Shamanic techniques and teachings 

* Personal time to roam, be alone, create and play

* Visioning and Journaling exercises for artists

* Communal Meal 

* Nature Therapy (the best kind!) 




Investment in your creative practice and artistic community is:

$80 / person

or two for $120 

For registration and inquiries, say hello@mararaye.com