Meet me at Wanderlust!

You know that really cliche saying that gets tossed around the yoga world like lemon-tahini dressing on kale salad, which goes a little something like, "Put your intention out into the universe and it will be answered."? Well, I guess the universe has a great sense of humor, because it showed my skeptical self what's up.

December is a rough month for yoga teachers; asanas get swapped out for holiday staff parties, meditation happens while staring into the bottom of wine glasses and cheese dips, and well, we all fall off the proverbial wagon (or Santa's sleigh for a more apt metaphor). I was in a rough enough place, having so many cancelled classes, that I prayed one night for the universe to send something my way.

The next morning, there was an email in my inbox from a good friend introducing me to another friend who works for Wanderlust Yoga.  Fast forward 2 months later and I am working with Wanderlust on a top secret project (which I am dying to announce, but you'll have to wait!) and I am now representing Toronto at the Tremblant festival as a Wayfarer Ambassador.

Okay, so put some more dressing on the salad and go heavy on the chia seeds - one little, but heartfelt, prayer blossomed into a massive opportunity, new friendships, colleagues, creative challenges, travel, and a huge adventure now awaits me this summer.

If you haven't already heard the buzz about the Wanderlust festivals, they are an eclectic mix of yoga, music, art, dancing, hiking, singing, playing, listening, community-building and learning: basically a kick-ass mountain-top adventure. 

You can now get your early-bird tickets to the Tremblant festival (August 21 to August 24)

In the months leading up to the festival I will be giving away tickets so COME BACK SOON for a chance to join me in celebrating mindful living with a community of yogis and artists from all over the world.

Faith, intention, serendipity, networking, vision and risk: there's more to the winding path of life and work than meets the eye.