Inspirational Spring

The Quieter You Become, The More You Can Hear   

(Ram Dass)

Happy Spring, Sacred Ones,  

It's been a long, difficult winter fecundating in the egg of introspection. But just as the seeds and buds can only burst through their shells and pods after the necessary hibernation, so creative inspiration needs the same quiet, space, emptiness and stillness in preparation for the immense work of bursting forth and growing a idea or aesthetic concept. Like spring, artistic inspiration often seems to come out of nowhere; but inside the tree and the mind and body of the artist is in eternal motion.

In a world obsessed with production, with the seed, with movement and action, it can feel defeating to not write, paint or create. Accepting the importance of the egg, periods of dormancy, is never easy for me. I loose myself in the doubt of never being able to write another sentence and the fear that inspiration will never come again. But like the season, no matter how dark and cold, after winter, must comes spring.

After being huddled this winter learning from paper books and the inimitable teachers of the book of life that are my mistakes, like the sun and the smiles and the grass shoots, I am coming out into the world again: the same, but new.

The past two season have brought me deeper into my study of yoga and the creative process, in my own process of writing Yoga for Creativity, the book. Yes, it's all happening in due time!

Using the conceptual framework of the 4 Pillars of Creativity, through which to express my ideas, I am now deeply immersed in the first:   INSPIRATION

Over the next month, my heart gift to you will be to share the ideas, practices, images, quotes, chants, rituals and everything in the spaces between the stars that inspire us to create works of art of, and within our lives. 

More than anything, I want to learn from you what blocks your floodgates and what moves you to make. So comment, email, heck, I will even call you or meet you in person! Tell me what you think and feel: help me to write a book that can help us all.

In love and beauty,

Mara Raye