Filling the Well: 1-Day Urban Retreat

So I have FINALLY committed to doing The Artist's Way. For those of you who've been living under a rock, or well, perhaps meditating in a cave for that past few decades, this book guides you through a 12-week program of creative recovery. It's deep, it's tough, it's challenging, and it's changing me already.

More about the incredible genius of Julia Cameron later... Now, I am working through the commitment of the artist's date. That is, once a week taking your inner artist somewhere inspiring: a concert, a hike in the woods, maybe the fish market or a karaoke bar. The point is, our creativity is a well that needs constant replenishing: If we draw from it too much without putting anything back in, you guessed it, we become stuck, blocked.

SO... I thought, why don't I run a daylong urban retreat to help my fellow creative yogis refill their wells!? Winter in our fair nation of Canada is brutal at best.

There's nothing quite like Yoga, live music, writing, drawing, reiki-restorative refueling, nap times, walking meditation, chocolate and chai to bring you back to life!

Here's a little winter re-boost for your body, brain and art! Can't wait to haaaaaang out and reeeeelax....