Creativity is the gateway between past and future (Anodea Judith)

This is a time of transition. The snow has arrived, creating a crisp divide between fall and winter; a near-full moon hangs in the night sky, ripe and ready and potent; today's winter solstice promises a return of the light; and we round the corner on another year, with hope, slight trepidation and fiercely courageous hearts. 

Transitions are like standing at the edge - the moment we feel the line in the sand with our toes - where past and future are held together, today. Creativity is what ties together the past and the future at this edge. Our capacity for creativity will allow us to dream of how we cross the line, into the next year, into the future. It is what allows us to imagine the graceful swan dive or daring flip into the great unknown, using the wisdom of what has past and the determination of our spirit to build our new reality.


We saw this in the creative power of Standing Rock this year: binding the knowledge, community and traditions of the past to steady our hands hearts and feet in the remembering that water rights, women's rights, land rights, human rights and indigenous knowledge are one in the same. Healing is happening. Memories are awakening. Like a sociocultural solstice, we dream of returning to the light, as we do so through creatively binding the past to the future.


This 'solstice' of sorts is not only happening on the front-lines of political protest and in the ceremonies that take place there, but also behind studio doors and sweat lodges, on meditation pillows, on yoga mats and in the art and stories on the street and in our own homes. It brings me great joy and inspiration to see the brilliant ways that teachers and ceremonials, artists and seekers are sewing the past and future together at the seams of today, with respect and imagination in order to heal, connect and build personal power and community strength so we can keep dreaming-in the the future we desire. 

In alliance with the creative change-makers of today and in honor and celebration of the people of yesterday, I have re-opened my home studio and partnered with new local studios to offer you brand new classes and workshops for 2017. Through my own creative knitting-together of the traditions of various lineages and cultures of the East and West, it is my deepest hope to support you in building personal power, health and creativity in the new year.

May your holidays be merry & bright,

Much love,

Mara Raye