Practices for Inspiration: Pratyahara (Sense-Withdrawl)

 This month, I've been meditating on paradoxes. Why does slow and steady win the race? Why does life necessitate death and death necessitate life? And really, the most perplexing of all: why do we park in a driveway and drive in a parkway!?

In my exploration of INSPIRATION, I've found a major paradox in creativity: nothingness is essential to something, or, non-doing is the precondition for doing.

If INSPIRATION is the subconscious melding together of disparate ideas, images, experiences and understanding, which erupts into the conscious mind as a unique and motivating creative desire, then 3 things are needed:

1) The source material for said idea

2) The necessary time for subconscious percolation 

3) Moments when we can listen in and receive the inspired idea

If we are constantly consuming life (in digital and real form), without taking time for peace and quiet, then we have the potential for idea creation, but will little opportunity to receive them.

Here is a really short meditation practice that you can do anywhere to dive inside, find some respite from the maddening crowd, and perhaps in the tranquil darkness receive a spark of inspiration...

It's called Pratyahara, which means, 'sense-withdrawl'. All you do is plug your ears with your thumbs, cover your eyes with your index and middle finger, and use your ring fingers to block your nose. Stay in this meditation for 5-10 minutes, and just see what kind of magic happens when you open your eyes!