3 Things to do When Your Art Gets Rejected

Look at those sad eyes :(

Rejection is a huge part of every artist's life, mine included. I filmed this video a few hours after a heart-sinking phone call with a major agent in LA who I hoped would help me sell my book (yes, my Yoga for Creativity program will one day be in your very hands!). Her feedback: I am not 'famous' enough yet", i.e.: I don't have enough social media followers frothing at the mouth for my work to ensure sales making me a viable investment. Fair enough, (and this makes me love love YOU reading this right now even more because you are HERE with me right NOW), but it was also kinda devastating. I took it very personally, the old 'I am not good enough after all I've tried' pity party paraded around for a while. And then I had to make a very clear choice to rain it out, and deal with this news while not letting it sink my purpose.

Instead, I chose to focus on the 'yet' part of the agent's comment (oh yeah, she DID love my idea, and said to reconnect when I had grown my business more, right, it wasn't all storm clouds) and do 3 things to help me in that immediate moment:

1) Feel the Feelings (don't fear the feels, let them run their course and they won't stay for long)
2) Move your Body (walk, run, dance, stretch, get outside and take big breaths to help you clear)
3) Be Grateful (what? Yes, thank rejection for what it can offer you: the chance to get even clearer with your intention, and to fortify your artistic resolve)


Rejection is inevitable and also very useful. if you can summon your inner warrior/yogi and be brace enough to face rejection and learn from it rather than take it personally and sink into hurt and despair, your work will become stronger, more powerful and successful by using rejection as an opportunity to clarify your artistic intentions.


Mara Raye