The Case for Practicing More than One Spiritual Path

When braided together, single strands of hair become stronger. When gold, silver, and copper fuse they form a powerful alloy called electrum, far stronger than each metal on its own. What about fusing spiritual traditions? Could yoga and Kabbalah or Hopi shamanism and Druidism be blended together? If so, what might result?

Integrating spiritual paths is known as syncretism, and it’s nothing new. In fact, it’s quite old. Some syncretic traditions have been the result of intentional knowledge sharing, like the council of elders who united the spiritual knowledge of their Hopi, Mayan, and Cherokee traditions in pre-colonial times to collect and share their most powerful healing rituals.

Merging spiritual beliefs and rituals is sometimes viewed as diluting or compromising one or both traditions. But what if the weaving together of mythology, faith, religion, spiritual wisdom, ceremony, and ritual created a richer, more nourishing practice? What if, for example, we incorporated some shamanic traditions with our yoga practice? How might that enrich our lives?


Energy Leaks & Creative Peaks Workshop: Round 2!

I am thrilled to be offering this workshop again - this time in the cozy new studio at Gallery 555. Spaces are very limited so please RSVP, (ASAP!)

A specially crafted 2.5 hour workshop exploring the concepts of energy leaks and personal power that are fundamental to yogic and shamanic traditions. Working with rituals and paradigms from both traditions we will begin to discover our individual energy leaks and explore ways to heal them. Through the alchemy of ceremony we will use movement, reflection and discussion to create a road map to increased awareness and energetic abundance helping us to manifest our personal dreams and reach new creative peaks in 2017.

Took a little time-out for self-care yesterday. There were a few aha! moments, a few deep, warm, inward smiles, a little bit of dancing and a whole lot of love. Thanks @mararayemunro for running an amazing workshop and for sharing your teachings but also your vulnerabilities with us. Keep following your heart, or should I say your spirit 🙏
— Jessica Fahey


Investment: $40

Registration and inquiries visit or email: