September is here and it's time to establish our art-making rituals and routines for the fall. This is a 4-week yoga session dedicated to cultivating artistic discipline through yoga practice and the support of the class as a creative community.

We will:

1) Commit to and share our achievable artistic goal for the month

2) Receive support and inspiration from a class of fellow yogi artists

3) Enjoy a yoga practice, complete with posture, breath-work and meditation designed specifically to enhance your creative flow and work through creative blocks

4) Share our final products with the class! (Don't worry, your art won't be marked!)

The session runs from SEPTEMBER 6th until September 27th, class runs from 6pm to 7:20pm, and is 50$ for the entire session. Mats are provided.


For more information and to register please email me at mara.munro@gmail.comScreen shot 2013-04-29 at 10.34.52 AM