Hello lovely arty yogis! Happy 2013! It's time to clean out the old creative cobwebs and take a new approach. Creativity can be as nourishing, enriching and enlivening and yoga, but many times, like yoga, our creative practice can be stale, stagnant or downright lazy. We are always creating something a bit different each time we sit at our easel or desk, even if it's a minor variation on an ongoing theme: so why not take a new approach to how we go about supporting our creative practice. Do you always write late at night with a glass of wine, or need to clean the house before you can feel ready to paint? This year, challenge yourself to get up early to write your next chapter, or commit to your canvass irregardless of the state of your abode. What would come pouring out if you chose to scrap the old artist 'you' and break the mold? Probably the same thing as when you break your bad yoga habits and try something new: TRANSFORMATION.


In honor of transformation, and of tapping into your fullest creative potential, my ongoing Friday class will morph into an 8 week intensive on creativity, using asana, pranayama, mediation and journaling to discover your creative habits, those that help and those that hinder, your artistic output, and forge your own, new creative path for 2013.

Friday February 8th to Friday March 29th, 2013 

At Spiritwind Academy (64 Oxford St., Toronto, Ontario M5T 1P1)

Yoga for Creativity Pre-Registered Sliding Scale: 60$ - $80 Drop-in: $13

6pm to 7:15pm


* All art supplies are provided, but bring your personal journal if you have one.