Starving Artist Yoga: And Then There Were Three

2012 promises to be good. No. Great. In a few short weeks, huge new changes have opened up in both my writing and yoga worlds. All of a sudden there are brand new creative continents to explore, and beyond that, a refreshed hope for more uncharted territory. I blessedly fell into the arms of the Starving Artist Yoga Network just one year ago when I moved to Toronto, and am happy to announced that I am now officially part of the team, along with painter and newly certified acupuncturist Julie Gladstone, and the lovely inked Doula, Leah Von Zuben.

We have re-committed and clarified our vision to promote and provide Creative, alternative, affordable, non-corporate yoga classes in downtown Toronto.

We are also amping up to release a winter workshop series to knock your woolen socks off! Get ready for a synthesis of yoga and creative arts unlike anything offered anywhere in Toronto.

Starving Artist Yoga Network isĀ  happily housed at Spirit Wind Internal Arts Center in Kensington Market at the corner of Augusta & Oxford St. on the 2nd Floor above the Vegetarian Restaurant Urban Herbivore.

While we fishing cooking up some delectable workshop fusions of yoga, art, music and other imaginative artistic ingredients, join us every Friday for a relaxing end of the week class for all levels:

Spirit Wind Centre. 64 Oxford St. 2nd Floor 6:00-7:30pm