Listening to the Leaves

When we don't know what do to, when we are stuck in our minds, we need to drop down into our hearts to find the answers. Whether it's "What should I do with my life?" or "What word, note, or color should I add to my newest piece?", sometimes the best advice comes from inside our chests not our skulls. This may be tough to hear, and harder to follow, but trust is our greatest strength. At the end of the outdoor yoga season, I was in a situation of having to find a yoga studio, rent space, market and promote and network my butt off to continue with a my drop -in classes. I had done it successfully before, but now, that heart-voice began to get louder. "look at all the writing you are doing" it said, "this is exactly what you want, why don't you stop teaching yoga for the fall, and see what happens when you focus on your words".

I listened; and I miss my yoga students terribly. But I am more busy with writing than ever, and I have found peace in a sense of cohesion, of focus and satisfying singularity (not to mention single-dom!), which has been feeding me, figuratively and now literally, since.

I guess that's what fall is about, and what we can work with in our yoga practice for this time of year: LETTING GO OF THE OLD, SO YOU CAN LET GO INTO THE NEW.

Falling leaves nourish the soil, and help give life to new growth.

What are you letting go of, and letting go into, this fall?