Just follow Your Nose

I spent an incredible 4 days running around New York City with my notepad and camera last month. New York city shatters all stereotypes of being a cold, mean rat race. I'd be hard pressed to find a more hospitable city: a woman serving me lattes and cookies invited me to her house for a diner party one day, while later that evening, a cabby happily let us take him on a wild goose chase through Williamsburg at midnight looking for an industrial building housing a friend's art studio! Mornings are for java and journals

More highlights included:

Seeing Stanton Moore interview Henry Rollins about his new book of photography at a local bookstore: ya, you know, no big deal, just the fathers of modern puck rock having a little convo!

Watching some of New York's most gifted modern dancers twist and twirl in the famous St Mark's Church in the Bowery  (Perhaps sitting beside the ghosts of the beat poets who used to gather there for readings...)

Drinking Brooklyn Brewery's seasonal pumpkin ale in a) an art studio at midnight b) a nightclub at 3 am c) a Cuban resto in Williamsburg

Smelling the colognes and perfumes wafting through the streets of Manhattan's most charming little hood: Nolita.

Upon my return, I wrote this piece about the perfumeries for the ever-fragrant travel magazine The Sounder :

Nolita Makes Scents 

Meanwhile, my inner dialogue Is somewhere between shock and acceptance: Does this mean that I am now a veritable travel writer!?

Just say yes Mara.