It's all in the Wrists

Lets start with the basics: if the foundation of your livelihood depends on having a healthy functioning body, and if you have tons of ideas but no means to execute them because of injury to said body, then you are suddenly looking at another line of work. Whether typing, drawing or strumming, the wrists are top of the list for repetitive strain injuries in most art forms, and can often bear the brunt of work meant for the forearms, especially if your technique (whether typing or gripping drumsticks) is not refined or ergonomic. Here are my favourite wrist stretches to keep at bay or, better yet, prevent the aches of injury (carpal tunnel included). Do these before and after you practice your craft, and hold each stretch for about a minute while taking slow deep breaths into your lower belly and relaxing your shoulders:

1) Come into table pose on your mat with your knees under your hips and your wrists under your shoulders

2) Lift your hands off the mat and rotate your fingers outward until they are pointing towards your knees and the inside of your elbows are facing out. Then bring your hands palm down and press into the mat lengthening your arms. Stay here if this is a nice juicy stretch. To deepen it, begin to slowly let your hips drop towards your heels as you keep your hands firmly rooted: breath deeply and use your exhale to invite openness into the inside of your wrists and forearms.

3) after sustaining this pose for as long as feels good, slowly come back up if your hips are low, gently lifting up the hands once more - ahhh, savour the delicious feeling of release! Now with hands back to normal, bend your wrists to point your fingers towards you, now gently bring your hands to the mat, this time the tops of the hands are on the mat with your fingers towards you. Keep most of your weight in the legs to avoid too much pressure on your wrists. Like the first stretch, breathe here, or deepen by dropping the hips. This opens the outside of the wrists and forearms: I swear I can feel every mouse-click and word typed just melt away!

4) Slowly release and come sitting on the heel or down on the mat. Shake out both arms, take a few big belly breaths releasing with any noise/sound that feels like a great release.